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Sahra Noor: Why I started Grit Partners, a health + leadership consultancy

Creating collaborative health and leadership programs with transformative results

Introducing: Grit Partners

It would be impossible to not notice the remarkable changes that have occurred in East Africa throughout my life. As both a child in pre-war Somalia and as a hopeful member of the diaspora, I've seen much of the area undergo a surge in social, technological and economic advancements.

Despite these achievements in development, the region is still suffering from critical challenges in areas such as healthcare and workforce leadership. For example, three of the countries with the highest infant mortality rates in the world are in East Africa, almost 11 million residents are forced into poverty each year due to health costs and medicine comes at a price tag that’s 60 times higher than the West.

Who we are

As a Somali-American nurse, healthcare executive and a certified executive coach who’s worked in under-resourced health environments in the US, Somalia and Kenya, I find much of the issues facing Africa's healthcare workforce to be nothing short of astonishing, though not entirely unsurmountable. I started Grit Partners as a platform to put culturally relevant creative problem-solving principles in action and contribute to the region’s healthcare and leadership transformation.

Drawing inspiration from the resilience and community-centric culture attributed to much of Africa, our consultancy places collaboration, courage, persistence and strength of character as the foundations for innovation and growth in the health and humanitarian sectors. This is what our name represents, and this is what our consultancy is about.

What we do

Through consulting, training and facilitation, we help our clients collaborate and create community-driven programs and policies that promote strong leadership, well-being and gender parity, from grassroots to government.

Let’s work together

Grit Partners is a health + leadership consultancy that serves the East African countries, headquartered in Kenya, with additional offices in Somalia and the United States.

Visit to learn more, or get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate on future projects:

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