Grit Partners

What we do

Reaching a resolution.

Our approach.

In the current landscape of international development and global health, we believe that a bottom-up approach to problem-solving, in both communities and organisations, is necessary. By partnering with you to create durable and sustainable solutions at every level, we strive to strengthen leadership in your organisation, along with its constituents and stakeholders.

What we do

At Grit Partners, we have our goals set on a courageous effort to achieve viable solutions that will serve to promote well-being, equality and leadership among a cross-sector of clients.

We're particularly focused on two of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development: Good Health and Well-being and Gender Equality.

We also help our clients create pipelines for partnerships so that together we can ensure the success of our combined efforts.

Good Health and Well-being

We strengthen health systems by helping our clients design and expand programs, increase impact, develop strategies, as well as policies and regulatory frameworks that promote the well being of the entire population.

Gender Equality

We develop leadership among women in global health, work to end discrimination through a culturally responsive approach and effectively combat policies that obstruct gender parity.


Through training and facilitation, we create spaces for cross-sector leaders to connect and collaborate on development programs and policies that promote strong leadership, well-being and equality - from grassroots to government.

How we do it

Strategic planning + policy analysis

  • End-to-end strategic planning and environmental scanning

  • Community engagement, advocacy and moibilisation

  • Analysis of the political, regulatory, and legal policies that affect delivery of healthcare and gender equality

Program design + implementation

  • Creating culturally responsive and high-impact programs and projects

  • Use human-centric design and innovative tools to transform care

  • Undertaking collaborative measures to ensure the needs of both client and community are met

  • Managing programs and piloting to ensure long-term success and sustainability

Training + development

  • One-on-one/team leadership consulting and coaching

  • Organise and develop a future-forward leadership and managment curriculum

  • Facilitate workshops, retreats and events

  • Promote collaborative leadership principles at the community, government and organisation levels