Grit Partners

Grit Partners

We are a strategic management consulting firm, focusing on healthcare and leadership in East Africa. We help individual leaders, government agencies, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations improve their performances, through effective collaborative processes that fuse equity and excellence into their work.




Nairobi, Kenya


What we believe


Teamwork has been the cornerstone of success for centuries, and without the shared efforts of interdisciplinary professionals, some of the greatest innovations might not have seen the light of day. With this in mind, we build lasting relationships between you, your industry and your community, creating a smooth pathway to collaboration that leads to long-term results.


It is the link between creativity and critical thinking that guides our approach when designing unique programs for our clients. For us to produce lasting solutions, we seek out new and imaginative ways to solve complex problems. By doing this, we break down barriers, better connect with cultures and facilitate a clear formula for success.


We work with clients whose mission and values are steeped in ‘doing the right thing’, whether it’s protecting the environment, improving population health or promoting sustainable development. Our core mission is to help our clients advance their goals, invest in their community and achieve transformative results.


If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.
— Booker T. Washington


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